Books by Members of the Virginia Chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers


Allison K. Garcia

  • A Bit of Christmas: 6 Christian Short Stories Celebrating the Season (Anthology): Amazon
  • Vivir el Dream (Contemporary Fiction): Amazon

Carole Towriss

  • In the Shadow of Sinai (Journey to Canaan, Book 1) (Historical Fiction): Amazon
  • By the Waters of Kadesh (Journey to Canaan, Book 2) (Historical Fiction): Amazon
  • The Walls of Arad (Journey to Canaan, Book 3) (Historical Fiction): Amazon
  • Just Until Christmas (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Falling for You boxset (Contemporary Anthology): Amazon

Carrie Fancett Pagels

  • The Fruitcake Challenge (Christy Lumber Camp, Book 1) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • The Lumberjacks’ Ball (Christy Lumber Camp, Book 2) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • Lilacs for Juliana (Christy Lumber Camp, Book 3) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • The Substitute Bride: A Novella (O’ Little Town of Christmas) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • Return to Shirley Plantation: A Civil War Romance (Historical Romance): Amazon

Cecelia Dowdy

  • Raspberry Kisses (Bakery Romance Book 1): Amazon
  • Shades of Chocolate (Bakery Romance Book 2): Amazon
  • Loving Luke (A Christmas Novella)(Romance): Amazon
  • Bittersweet Memories (Romance): Amazon
  • First Mates (Romance): Amazon
  • John’s Quest (Romance): Amazon
  • Milk Money (Romance): Amazon
  • Chesapeake Weddings (Romancing America: Maryland): Amazon

Connie Kuykendall

  • Love Ain’t No Reality Show (Shadybrook Series Book 2): Amazon
  • Love Ain’t No Soap Opera (Shadybrook Series Book 1) : Amazon

Dana Romanin

  • Abby’s Letters (Contemporary Romance): Amazon

Eileen Rife

  • 4R Rejuvenation Retreat for Women (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Wit & Wisdom from the Wee Ones: A whimsical collection of endearing quips & quotes (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • December Sunrise: A little girl’s Christmas wish comes at a high cost (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Sex as God Designed It: Intimate Meditations for the Married Couple (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Breathe Deeply God’s Grace: A Devotional (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Jesus, Hold My Little One: Healing Prayers for Women Who Have Lost a Baby (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Out of the Mouth of Gabe (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Tranquil Moments: Spiritual Refreshment from the Island of Maui (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Journey to Judah (Born for India, Book 1): Amazon
  • Restored Hearts (Born for India, Book 2): Amazon
  • Chosen Ones (Born for India, Book 3): Amazon
  • Laughing with Lily (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Second Chance (Contemporary): Amazon

Elizabeth Maddrey

  • Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley (Contemporary Romance Anthology): Amazon
  • A Splash of Substance (Taste of Romance, Book 1) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • A Pinch of Promise (Taste of Romance, Book 2) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • A Dash of Daring (Taste of Romance, Book 3) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • A Handful of Hope (Taste of Romance, Book 4) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Operation Mistletoe (Operation Romance, Book 1) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Operation Valentine (Operation Romance, Book 2) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Operation Fireworks (Operation Romance, Book 3) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Kinsale Kisses: An Irish Romance (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Faith Departed (Remnants, Book 1) (Women’s Fiction): Amazon
  • Hope Deferred (Remnants, Book 2) (Women’s Fiction): Amazon
  • Love Defined (Remnants, Book 3) (Women’s Fiction): Amazon
  • Joint Venture (Grant Us Grace, Book 0) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Wisdom to Know (Grant Us Grace, Book 1) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Courage to Change (Grant Us Grace, Book 2) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Serenity to Accept (Grant Us Grace, Book 3) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Love’s Gift: 8 Christian Romances Celebrating the True Meaning of Christmas (Anthology): Amazon
  • A is for Airstrip: A Missionary’s Jungle Adventure (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • A Walk in the Valley: Christian encouragement for your journey through infertility (Non-Fiction): Amazon

Grace Greene

  • Beach Rental (Emerald Isle, NC Stories, Book 1) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Beach Winds (Emerald Isle, NC Stories, Book 2) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Beach Towel: A Short Story from Emerald Isle, NC: Amazon
  • Beach Christmas (A Novella): Emerald Isle NC Stories: Amazon
  • A Stranger in Wynnedower: A Virginia Country Roads Novel: Amazon
  • Cub Creek: A Virginia Country Roads Novel (Cub Creek, Book 1): Amazon
  • Kincaid’s Hope: A Virginia Country Roads Novel: Amazon

Heather Gray

  • Once Upon a Laugh (Anthology): Amazon
  • Skye (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Bella Notte (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Nowhere for Christmas (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Ten Million Reasons (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • An Informal Christmas (Informal Romance, Book 1) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • An Informal Arrangement (Informal Romance, Book 2) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • An Informal Introduction (Informal Romance, Book 3) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • An Informal Date (Informal Romance, Book 4) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • An Informal Affair (Informal Romance, Book 5) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • His Saving Grace (Regency Refuge, Book 1) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • Jackal (Regency Refuge, Book 2) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • Queen (Regency Refuge, Book 3) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • Mail Order Man (Ladies of Larkspur, Book 1) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • Just Dessert (Ladies of Larkspur, Book 2) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • Redemption (Ladies of Larkspur, Book 3) (Historical Romance): Amazon
  • Love and Diamonds (Anthology): Amazon

Jan Elder

  • A Semi-Precious Christmas (Christmas Holiday Extravaganza) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • A Semi-Sweet Summer (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Frosting and Flurries (Anthology): Amazon
  • Love, Lies, and Fireflies (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Manila Marriage App: Passport to Romance (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Moostletoe (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Picnics & Promises  (Anthology): Amazon


Johnese Burtram

  • Whispers: A Compilation (Anthology): Amazon

K. Dawn Byrd

  • Mistaken Identity (Book 1) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Shattered Identity (Book 2) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Double Identity (Book 3) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Secret of the Love Letters (Zoe Mack Mysteries, Book 1) (Mystery): Amazon
  • Case of Fatal Attraction (Zoe Mack Mysteries, Book 2) (Mystery): Amazon
  • Amazing Love (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Queen of Hearts (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Hotline Girl (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Something Beautiful (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • This Time For Keeps (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Killing Time (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Designing Destiny: Amazon
  • Lessons from the Open Road: A Devotional for Motorcycle Riders (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Witty Quotes for Readers and Writers (Non-Fiction): Amazon

Kelly Goshorn

  • A Love Restored (Historical Romance): Amazon

Megan Whitson Lee

  • Captives (Women’s Fiction): Amazon
  • Song From The Ashes (Women’s Fiction): Amazon
  • All That Is Right And Holy (Women’s Fiction): Amazon

Merita Atherly Engen

  • Garden Surrender – Meditations (Non-Fiction): Amazon

Sarah Hamaker

  • Lady Elaine: The Journey to Camelot (Children’s): Amazon
  • Boredom Busters (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Hired At Home (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • Ending Sibling Rivalry: Moving Your Kids From War To Peace (Non-Fiction): Amazon
  • HomeWork (Non-Fiction): Amazon

Sarah Norkus

  • The Secret Diary of Sarah Chamberlain (YA Adventure): Amazon
  • The Eleventh Summer (Memoir): Amazon
  • Until the Wind Changes: Amazon

Sharon R. Hoover

  • Soul Motive to Pray: A Personal Retreat: Amazon

Stephen Hiemstra

  • Everyday Prayers for Everyday People: Amazon
  • Life in Tension: Reflections on the Beatitudes: Amazon
  • A Christian Guide to Spirituality: Foundations for Disciples: Amazon 
  • Prayers of a Life in Tension: Amazon
  • Prayers: Amazon

Susan Lyttek

  • Guzzy Goofball and the Homeschool Play from Outer Space (Middle Grade Comedy): Amazon
  • Homeschooling Can Be Murder (Mystery / Suspense): Amazon
  • Plundered Christmas (Mystery): Amazon
  • Killer Field Trip (Mystery): Amazon
  • Out of the Storm (Short Story Anthology): Amazon

Toni Shiloh

  • Finally Accepted (Freedom Lake Series Book 3) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Grace Restored (Freedom Lake Series Book 2) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Returning Home (Freedom Lake Series Book 1) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Enduring Love (The Maple Run Series Book 3) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Finding Love (The Maple Run Series Book 2) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • Buying Love (The Maple Run Series Book 1) (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • A Sidelined Christmas (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • A Spring of Weddings (Contemporary Romance): Amazon
  • A Life to Live (Contemporary Romance): Amazon

Vie Herlocker

  • Building Better Schools By Engaging Support Staff (Non-Fiction): Amazon

Zoe M. McCarthy

  • The Putting Green Whisperer (Romance): Amazon
  • Gift of the Magpie (Romance): Amazon
  • Calculated Risk (Romance): Amazon